Large Diamond Buyers

We are buyers of diamonds, focusing on buying large diamonds

large diamond buyers

Large Diamond Buyers

Louis Benowitz G.G., national large diamond buyer and jewelry buyer will give you *great prices for your large diamond, watch or jewelry. Mr. Benowitz has purchased millions and millions of dollars of large diamonds, jewelry and watches from people all over the USA. Our professional diamond buying staff gives personal attention to every item we buy.

For 45 years the Benowitz family has been one of Americas strongest large diamonds buyers of diamonds three carats and larger. We maintain a large client base and have waiting buyers for all larger diamonds, fine watches and fine jewelry. Therefore, when we buy your large diamond or fine watch, we can pay a premium over the current local market price. Before you sell any diamond, contact us first for our free, no obligation offer.

Fast payment guaranteed!  As large diamond buyers we have immediate access to sufficient funds to promptly complete our transaction.  There is no consignment, no waiting weeks or months.  No seller fees ever charged to you.

We are GIA large diamond buyers, AGS large diamond buyers, EGL large diamond buyers.  Whether your diamond is certified or not we can safely, confidential and quickly finalize the transaction. Not only are we large diamond buyers we are also fine jewelry buyers, fine watch buyers and fine gemstone buyers.

* All insured packages are fully guaranteed for loss or theft for the FULL amount of the coverage.